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21 January 2012 @ 09:47 pm
a total wreck  
i have a hair appt on monday. i'm so nervous. i hate going to the salon. they always say i have grays, they always say i have dandruff, and they always say i need to get my hair cut more often. why don't you think i do?! because you guys make me feel like complete sh*t. its not an enjoyable experience. i sit out in the open with foils in my hair and make up completely rubbed off. i look HORRIBLE. why don't they put you in a room?!

i did find a dress today though. i really liked it when i was there. but now im thinking its not the look i was going for. the wedding is outside in a garden. i should have got a more spring-ish dress. this is too formal maybe. but, its not like the guys are wearing hawaiian shirts or anything casual like that. so, it should be okay. its just--ughh i dont know.

im begining to hate dressing up. and attempting to look pretty. just hasnt been working out for me. how bad is it that i wish i was pregnant so i could have an excuse. i look at pictures with me in it and i literally feel like i ruined the picture. everyone looks amazing but me. to make it worse, i can't untag myself from pictures on facebook anymore.

From now on im taking the camera with me. so that i can be the one TAKING the pictures, not posing for them.
Fr0wfr0w on January 22nd, 2012 05:48 am (UTC)
Next time, say.. "you don't get repeat buisness very much do you?" .. but that would require going back there, and even that wouldn't be worth just to say it.