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you can't love what you have not...

so, hold onto what you've got//

10 October
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And now we proudly present...
songs perverse + songs of lament,
A couple hymns of confession...
((Songs that recognize our sick obsessions))
Sing along I'm on the ugly organ again--
So let's begin::

[[It's no use to keep a secret]]
Everything I hide ends up in lyrics
So read on, accuse me when you're done
::If it sounds like I did you wrong!!!

Our father who art in heaven,
--Save me from the wreck I'm about to drown in//
Didn't I learn anything-->>>
Counting out my sins on rosary beads(?)

[[The reverend plays on the ugly organ,
He peals out his sweet, insulting sermon on the audience]]

--So why do I think I'm any different???
((I've been making money off my indifference))
We all pass the hat around.....
This is my body, this is the blood I found on my hands
[<<<--after I wrote this album]
Playing on that stigmata for cross over fans---

.... . . . ...Some red handed slight of hand!!!



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Michelle loves music. She likes singing in the car on long road trips alone. When no one is around, she'll dance in her bedroom naked. She believes groove is indeed in the heart.
Strengths: friendly, fun, + always aiming to please.
Weaknesses: if her door was a heart, it would be revolving.
Special Skills: able to capsulize a feeling.
Weapons: knives + hand guns.
quote: let's set our hearts at self-destruct.

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i dont look at it as being a hopeless romantic,
i look at it as being a hopeFULL romantic.....